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Our Structure


GCF is part of a nation-wide fellowship of 25 churches with connections in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. We are part of a global movement, Restoration Fellowships International, which seeks a return to the vitality of the early New Testament church. As a local church, GCF maintains an active relationship and connection by supporting one another and sharing ministry across the region which we refer to as NCR - North Coast Region.

We refer to ourselves as a ‘lampstand church’, taking inspiration from the lampstand churches in the book of Revelation. These seven churches, one for each city, will support a great number of people at the close of history which the bible calls the time of the end. Our local churches can therefore be compared to lights which are placed upon a lampstand.

Our church organisation is based on the lampstand and its 70 parts which God directed Moses to make for the Old Testament tabernacle. The oil of God’s word can thereby supply grace to many individual ‘lights’ in a region. Our structure encourages local, citywide churches in various towns and cities to maintain relationship and connection through shared ministry and support.

As with all Restoration Fellowship International churches, we hold firmly to the doctrine of the Trinity, of one Triune God. That is, one distinct and intrinsic Father, one Lord Jesus Christ and one Holy Spirit.