Please check the note on our Home page re our Regular Sunday meetings. 

All visitors welcome.

Who we are

Gympie Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational Christian church that meets at 2A Sorensen Road, Southside, Gympie. Our congregation comes from all over the Gympie area. Our primary focus is the restoration of the individual, the family and the church into the Body of Christ according to God’s purpose.

We believe that we can be restored as we hear and heed God’s word from messengers. We are committed to the restoration of the church to its original vitality in terms of true discipleship, life-changing power, maturity and genuine unity.

We share a deep love for God’s word and are focussed on Christian living, scriptural teaching and sincere worship. The church offers people a place to find life, hope and real connection to God’s purposes.

We value the expression of Christ’s life in our homes and are dedicated to sharing Christ with others.