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All visitors welcome.

North Coast Region Combined Service
Once a month, we have a combined meeting of the Fraser Coast, Gympie and Sunshine Coast Fellowships.

Who are we?
Fraser Coast, Gympie and Sunshine Coast Christian Fellowships are part of a fellowship of churches that began during the renewal movement of the 1970’s. We are aligned with many other congregations around Australia and overseas. We seek to see every individual, household and local fellowship restored to God’s plan and purpose. Most Sundays we meet separately in our respective locations however we enjoy getting together regularly for a combined service.

Singing and worship will be led by a host and orchestra. Our singing is from the heart in what the New Testament describes as psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Spontaneous worship, where we express personal devotion and collective harmony, is a regular part of our gathering. In this way we express our devotion and appreciation to the Lord and give opportunity for the Holy Spirit to speak through those that He leads.

Communion: Each Sunday bread and ‘wine’ are passed out to the congregation. According to the New Testament, these are the means of signifying our participation in the one universal church, the ‘body of Christ’. Since our fellowship has no restricted membership, we invite anyone who believes in Jesus Christ to partake of the communion elements with us.

Bible study: We have a time of teaching the word of God every Sunday with separate sessions for adults, teenagers and primary school aged children. Visiting families are invited to participate in these sessions.

Morning Tea: You are invited to stay for a catered morning tea.