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A collection of publications from our church.


  • The Steps of Salvation

    "The Steps of Salvation" is series of 7 books, where our goal is to harmonize the writings of the New testament into a cohesive summary of the pathway of salvation.

    We have endeavored to identify the steps that are consistent with the frameworks presented by each of the New Testament writers.  This is an important consideration, because every Christian needs to be fully assured of their own salvation, and also fully equipped to minister the gospel of Sonship to others.

    To download a pdf copy of each book, click on the title for the particular Part you wish to download. 

    • The Steps of Salvation - Part 1 - An Overview of the Gospel of Sonship                                          
    • The Steps of Salvation - Part 2 - The four dimensions of the grace of God that are ministered from the face of Jesus Christ.                                                                                                                              
    • The Steps of Salvation - Part 3 - Living in First Love
    • The Steps of Salvation - Part 4 - The offering of Christ and the sprinkling of His blood
    • The Steps of Salvation - Part 5 - Walking in the Spirit
    • The Steps of Salvation - Part 6 - Christ the great Shepherd
    • The Steps of Salvation - Part 7 - The ministry of the New Covenant


  • Born of the Spirit

    In this magazine we are considering the implications of the gospel of sonship. The gospel of sonship is the primary message of the Scriptures. In particular, we are looking at the question, ‘What does the gospel bring us?’ We will consider what the gospel brings to a new believer. And we will consider what the gospel has already given to every child born to a Christian parent. For those born into a Christian family, it is important to appreciate the precious and magnificent promises given to them by God. In these articles, we will examine some of the practical implications of the gospel for all those who have been born of the Spirit.

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  • The Way of Salvation

    The purpose of this book is to identify and explain the waypoints of our salvation.  We can be assured of obtaining our entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 

    Download a pdf copy by clicking on this link. 

  • Lampstand Churches

    In this book, which we have called "Lampstand Churches", we will focus on the first three chapters of the book of Revelation. We will consider the personal admonition of Christ to each presbytery, and the nature of His priestly ministry as He walks among His lampstand churches.

    Download a pdf copy by clicking on this link.