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Christ embodied the four dimensions of God’s grace

Prior to Christ’s appearing, the four faces of the administration through which God’s covenant purposes were being facilitated on earth, resided in the realm of the angels. Eze 1:4-28. When Christ came in the flesh, He was made lower than the angels; yet He was ‘crowned with glory and honour’. Heb 2:9. The glory of sonship, which the apostle John described as being ‘full of grace and truth’, was able to be seen, or beheld, by others. Joh 1:14. This means that Jesus Himself was expressing, or communicating, the glory of God’s grace as He personally ministered on the earth for three and a half years. The operation of the four faces had moved from the angelic administration and was now embodied in the Son of Man.

This fourfold expression of grace in Christ was prophesised by Isaiah. With respect to Immanuel, the Child who would be born to the virgin Mary, Isaiah declared, ‘His name will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.’ Isa 9:6. Isa 7:14. These four names correspond to the four dimensions of grace that men beheld from His face. He was Yahweh, who was revealing the fullness of God’s grace to the world.

    Wonderful Counsellor refers to the ministry of the word of God.
    Mighty God refers to the ministry of the Spirit of God.
    Eternal Father refers to the ministry of the love of God.
    Prince of Peace refers to the ministry of the life of God as the light of the world.